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Gift Ideas - Right Here ..

We are using a lot of electronics, robots and other materials in our classes and often parents ask about more details and where to purchase them - so here is a list of things we use and love. We have included links to the retailers we use. Many time, there are multiple places to purchase these items including Amazon. However, it is worth knowing the original price, so you can judge offers you find :) Smart Train The sessions with the Intelino Smart Train are always fun. Many ways to control the little train - using an app, with the color snaps, from Scratch and even using Python. Intelino Train Sets MicroBit The MicroBit is definitely our most used little control board. Programmed via a webpage and there are plenty of ways to expand. There are many project ideas online (e.g. here ) and you can start just with the MicroBit and then build your electronics empire 😀 MicroBit Bundle Maqueen Robot for MicroBit - Note some robot kits include the MicroBit Boson Starter Kit - Get started wi